Thursday, December 17, 2009

Good questions, one and all

I think many of these occurred to me while watching The Dark Knight (a movie I honestly wasn't as crazy about as the rest of the universe), but I am really sharing this with you because I like Batman's somewhat ill-fitting but still sexy outfit here:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hip to be square

I owe LycraLord (who probably owes TowleRoad) for hipping me to Square Hippies, a site devoted to the beauty of the male form by way of "worksafe shirtlessness." The aesthetic at SH is broad, but seems pretty close to my own--which to say, heavy on chest hair, light on twinks, and very easy on the eyes. The subjects are mainly public figures--actors, musicians, and athletes for the most part. The writing, which tends to be brief, is invariably witty. I've spent hours with the handy search feature seeking out pages for people like Mike "Dirty Jobs" Rowe, Alex O'Loughlin (who was new to me thanks to an Entertainment Weekly photo from his soon-to-be-cancelled tv series), and old fave Kevin Spacey. When Instinct put furry Scott Evans (who plays a gay cop on One Life to Live) on its December cover, I headed to SH in search of more images, and promptly found plenty, along with some of his better-known brother Chris (of Fantastic Four fame, and a fave of the Hub). I was happy to see Corbin Bernsen and of course good ol' Ryan Reynolds and hunky Josh Lucas--but then the list truly goes on and on. If none of the names I've just mentioned floats your boat, don't give up hope--as I say, the range is broad and well worth sampling. I've added the site to my blogroll of "Late-Breaking Transmissions" over to the right there, so if you're lucky you should be notified when fresh beef is available.