Monday, January 04, 2010

It's funny cuz it's hot

Surely it was the '66 Bat-series that instilled in me a lifelong love of things that work on at least two levels--ideally the kind that make me laugh and make me hard at the same time, or nearly the same time.

Latest examples:

The Daily Batman, in which the mastermind behind the long-entertaining Beaucoup Kevin serves up a fresh dish of out-of-context bat-ephemera every day, including this tasty morsel of bound and unbelted Batman:

•From Cracked (which I remember as a second-rate Mad, though its online incarnation seems to work blue fairly often), a list of "The 20 Most Ridiculous Batman Comics Ever Released". It's a nice trip through the Caped Crusader's more embarrassing adventures (the kind Grant Morrison made such mind-blowing use of in killing off Bruce Wayne). Again, a beltless Bat:

•Finally, a link I've been saving for ages now (and I see it hasn't been updated in years): a YouTube channel devoted to Live Action Comic Book Superheroes. It's a grabbag of trailers and clips from Hollywood movies, fan films, TV commercials, vintage serials, and various odds and ends. There's some Bat-stuff, all of which I think I'd seen before, but what really caught my eye was the only fan film devoted to Hourman I have ever seen. The outfit is a bit cheesy, but there's plenty to recommend it to perverts like me 'n' you: