Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hey Bulldog

I'd heard the sordid tale of "Jeff Gannon," the Republican shill who doubled as a gay escort, on the radio, but when I saw the Daily Show footage of him earlier tonight, I realized I had to hightail it to the internet to see some of his naked pictures. (They're here by the way, along with a detailed chronology of his saga. And given the lightning speed at which news travels these days, should anyone really be surprised that there's already a parody of the whole thing?)

Believe me, I'm no big fan of Log Cabin types,so I truly hate to admit it, but I still find this deluded soul to be pretty hot. Deep down, my biggest beef is not that he was allowed to waltz into a press conference and kiss Bush's ass, but that he's clearly shaved his chest.

Now, that's self-hating!


Teresa said...

I admire your bravery in admitting this. One should never be so scandalized by someone as to neglect to evaluate their hotness. I know another gay man--not naming any names--who finds Ari Fleischer hot. I'm glad he's gone from public life so I don't have to hear about how hot he is anymore.

Wayne said...

"One should never be so scandalized by someone as to neglect to evaluate their hotness."

A line worthy of Wilde himself, Teresa.

For the record, I too found Ari incredibly sexy--even though I also found every SINGLE sentence that ever left his mouth to be utterly detestable. I'm going to assume your friend already knows about this site.

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