Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Ransom Note

After drawing it out as long as I possibly could (with apologies to those of you who open presents on Christmas Eve because you hate waiting), I just posted the climactic scene in my serial-blog Hugo Strange story. The money shot, as I've called it in other entries here.

And now comes a moment I've been contemplating for months: I've also posted a challenge to readers on the site. I'm perfectly content continuing the saga (which would pose new challenges since so many things have changed so radically according to the storyline), but first I want to hear from people who've been following it. As for everyone who writes fanfic or slash, this is a labor of love, or more likely lust, for me, and I'm curious about whether there's enough interest to make it worth my time. (Who am I kidding? If I don't write "Beginnings" anymore, I'll just start a new story sooner or later. But it might be nice to take a break.)

Naturally I have that whole "Death-of-Robin" publicity stunt from the comics in mind. But I also like the idea of the fate of these characters resting in the hands of the people who give them life by imagining them/reading about them/fantasizing about them. So all I ask is for five readers to e-mail or IM me in order to save the lives of Batman and Robin (or perhaps end them in a particularly delicious manner). Think of it as a hostage crisis--or the next step in reader-interactive literature. (On second thought, just think of it as a hostage crisis.)

I'll actually be perfectly happy if I don't hear from anyone at all--after all, you know how much I happen to get off on the concept of a truly broken Bat (they don't call me Ratman for nothin'), and there's something exciting to me about this particular version of the bat myth ending on so bleak a note. But really, now: do you want to see Batman meet his fate this way? Don't delay--cast your vote today!


brett said...

this story has been one of the main reasons for logging on everyday, batfan. so first and foremost, a huge thank you for the effort.

i'm definitely all for continuing if you are up for it.

a new story might give fresh perspective and ideas on Bruce's and Dick's budding crime-fighting partnership.

if you want to toss ideas around, i'm more than happy to.

Wayne said...

Thanks for writing, Brett. As you've probably already noticed, the story is back on track.

The thought of somebody checking in every day is a little intimidating--too much like work!--but I enjoy the challenge, when I have the time.

If you, or anyone else, has specific ideas for the storyline, feel free to e-mail them to me. I really do take my lead sometimes from suggestions I get.

And now, back to our story...

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