Thursday, January 26, 2006

Back in action

Guess I'd better get busy and post something pronto lest you all think I've thrown in the towel, or the cape, or what have you. Alas, daylight-world responsibilities keep rearing their ugly heads, though I've managed to keep busy on the bat-front as well. To make up for lost time, here's a big string of stuff I've found online of late that may be of interest to some of my fellow perverts--and regular old comics fans, too:

Lycra Sites

Found this through my new automatically generated list of sites that link to this one, near the bottom of the sidebar to the right. Months can-and probably will--be devoted to exploring the treasures these lycra-lovers have cataloged. Several of the next few entries come from the list, either directly or indirectly.

League of Heroes

This bulletin board contains vast amounts of info about making and buying superhero costumes, with photos of completed suits, consumer advice, even workout suggestions so you'll look your best in your new suit. I think this led me to...

FanBoy Theatre

News about upcoming fan films, many of which look promising, including...

Captain America: Freedom's Fight

Stills from an upcoming fan film about Captain A, with a nice (non-spandex, but still hot) costume.

The Death of Hero-Man

Here's a short film I found through FanBoy Theatre, featuing a hero in an INCREDIBLY tight, attractive outfit. (I like the villain, too.) Wordless, which gives it the feel of a silent movie.

Heroes Alliance

Wish I'd had this idea myself--or had the nerve to pull it off. This is a group of folks who own and wear superhero suits who have found a way to turn their ... hobby into actual good-guy work in the daylight world by making public appearances for sick kids, at fundraisers, with local police and fire departments, etc.

That's it for now. Soon as my schedule clears up, I"ll try to get back in blog mode again. In the meantime, the links above should keep you busy for a while.

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