Thursday, February 16, 2006

More sickboy TV talk

Still under the weather, still finding my share of kinky stuff to watch:

•Finally caught Blade: Trinity after hearing that Ryan Reynolds spends a significant amount of the movie shirtless in chains. It's true! It's true! Behold:

Oh, hell: here's a whole page of stills from the film. I actually fast-forwarded through a lot of it, since I'm not a big fan of ultraviolent vampire flicks and wisecracking heroes, even if they are embodied by the recently beefed-up Mr. R.

•Also fast-forwarded through Hostage. I think I only really watched about 15 minutes of the movie at its intended speed before jumping ahead to see Bruce Willis (in uniform) handcuffed, and later stripped naked. You get two Bruces in this thing: first, with full bushy crazy-person beard in the preface, then with shaved head in the body of the movie. Neither one quite does it for me, but they're still nice looks. I admit I have this major Bruce Willis problem, ever since Moonlighting: He's got a whole lot of physical features I find really appealing, but he's also incredibly obnoxious. (A common problem with men, come to think of it.) The whole macho Republican fratboy vibe is a major turn-off. And yet, tie him up and I tune in. (Trying to remember what early-90s movie has him handcuffed and bound to a chair at the climax... Surely more than one. And Moonlighting had no shortage of bondage scenes, as I recall.)

•Looks like I'm not the only horny gay guy looking for still photos of Matt Lauer in a luge suit. (Damn, first he's Batman, now he's squeezed into skintight lycra--I have got to start watching the Today Show!) There seems to be video footage here, but once again I doubt I can see it on my Mac.

All quite enjoyable to watch, but I'd really rather feel good again than lie around filling my head with such sights.

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