Saturday, September 09, 2006

Holy Hullaballoo!

A tip o' the cowl to AdventureMan for creating a "Batman Film Festival" on his blog. Here are two highlights I'd never seen before (though the blog also contains snippets from fan films and the animated series, plus links to lots of consumable goodies). First, the never-aired pilot to a proposed Batgirl spinoff series:

What's most exciting to me about ths one, needless to say, is the existence of a whole new battrap I never knew existed. It's almost like stumbling upon a lost episode of the '66 series!

Next, a dance treat that's doubly nostalgic for me, even though I've never seen it before (as far as I know):

You really don't see dancing like that anymore, and I for one lament the loss.

Thanks again, AdventureMan! Keep fighting the good fight!

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