Friday, July 11, 2008

While I was out ... Yaoi edition

Boy, time DOES fly between these posts, doesn't it?

I'll leave most of what I've been up to to your imagination, which may or may not be more exciting than the reality. But here are a few things I've collected since last we spoke:

•Couple of Bat/Joker slash images, courtesy of my British counterpart (and former sidekick):

•Couple more B/J (love that acronym!) Yaoi images, I forget the source (I'm betting it was the Anonymous Donor):

I'm not usually a big fan of the genre--I think it's a generational thing, akin to the way I just don't get manga or anime, or even karaoke--and I don't spend a lot of time fantasizing about Bat on Joker action, but these are pretty damned hot.

More (non-yaoi) updates to come, soon.

(PS. What was on while I was writing this? Why, a 1990 interview with Bob Kane on Fresh Air, conveniently enough.)


Teresa said...

Batman/Joker is a ripe concept that needs to be explored in all the media and formats of slash art. There relationship just screams from homoeroticism.

Yayoi Neko said...

Hey tehre! Thanks very much for posting my Batman and Joker luv Yaoi Fanart! I got more if you would like to see in my Deviant Art gallery and in my blog and also at my website. Take a lok if you like, and thanks again!

Sincerly, Yayoi Neko (aka Thundertori)