Thursday, August 18, 2005

Running it up the flagpole

Just noticed that both this blog and my "Beginnings" story now have a little "Flag?" button in their navigation bars. According to this page from Blogger central, it looks like that means I'm sort of on Double Secret Probation. Apparently if several people complain now (if they click on the flag, in other words), then the sites won't (necessarily) be removed, they'll just be made private instead of public. (FYI, if they do ever disappear, head to my main site, which has a different host and should theoretically be able to stick around--though even its days may well be numbered.)

Nice guy that I am, I hate to think that people would take offense at this very personal project of mine, which is so NOT about porn in the conventional sense--but then again, I acknowledge it's not appropriate for everyone. It was never intended to be--I want to reach a relatively small number of like-minded fellow travellers--but I'd like to be able to reach the ones I don't already know, not just the handful I do.

Here I must put in another plug for the notion that maybe our culture shouldn't spend so much time child-proofing the known universe--that maybe we need a little genuinely "adult" subject matter every now and then (and a workable way to screen out the wee ones). As I never tire of saying, if something like the internet had existed when I was an adolescent to let me know that there were other people in the world turned on by something other than pretty people of the opposite sex, I bet I could have spared myself a couple decades of self-loathing.

Put it this way: if we gear everything to the under-5, then we end up with... a country whose leaders think like children, too. But I digress.


Wayne said...

Decided overnight to make both blogs "private," in hopes that that gets rid of the flags (which I haven't been able to find on any other blogspot-hosted adult-looking sites just yet). The sites should be able to stay here, for now at least, so please continue to visit--and feel free to help spread the word to people who would appreciate what I'm doing.

Teresa said...

That new blogger flag is fucking obnoxious. I'm surprised there hasn't been more commentary about it. Or are we just getting used to censorship in the U.S.? Another day, another lost civil right, oh well, I think I'll go watch Justice Sunday II...