Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Send in the Cavalry

In countless entries here, I've talked about comic books as my favorite form of porn. Probably my second favorite form is police supply catalogs, and I just saw one I must recommend to fellow pervs: the U. S. Cavalry catalog, which you can request through their site (which also contains merchandise you can order online, including sale items).

(The current cover is a lot more enticing, but I don't have an image of it. Trust me.)

For the record, the all-time best catalog is still Gall's (and I have links to others on my site), but U. S. Cavalry is pretty hot. I doubt I'll ever have the nerve (or disposable income) to purchase most of the best goodies from any of them, but it's fun to browse them all the same. Unlike the comics, however, there's a real-world dimension to this stuff that is of course disturbing, both conceptually (actual people buy and use these things in very dangerous situations) and politically (lots o' War on Terror ideology; check out the essay on "Fourth Epoch War," for instance).

But hey, by now I'm pretty comfortable with that level of discomfort. How 'bout you? Do your politics and your passions ever intersect? How do you handle it when they do?

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